Ne için kullanırım?

Different needs, one solution

Securezi designed as a flexible system for various user segments and their changing needs. You can use it for home or small office security, families with kids, pet parents and elders living apart

You are in total control

You have a place to protect and are looking for an easy, effective, affordable security system? 

Securezi is the answer. Choose a package that suits you best, order and receive the same day. 

  • In case of an intrusion, you will receive instant, wide angle full HD video footage,

  • You can arm/disarm on Securezi App,

  • You are free of sabotage risk with the plugable indoor siren,

  • Deter bad intentioned ones with the apparent security badge showing your home is being monitored & protected,

  • Carry the devices to everywhere easily. 

Leave nothing behind

No matter the distances, Securezi sends notifications when your kids are home from school. You can be part of moments to be remembered by connecting online and video/image recording. Don't miss anything with Securezi, have peace of mind. 

  • Talk two ways on Securezi App, your kids won't need a phone, 

  • Connect to watch your baby at it's room,

  • Check out on the baby sitter,

  • Monitor the room temperature and humidity. 

Stay close to your furry friend

You can't call your dog or message your cat, but being a working pet parent doesn't mean you have to stay apart.

Watch your four pawed one live, call to it and record great moments. 

  • Arm at home mode activates the door/window sensor only and saves you from getting false alarms when the pet moves,

  • Check out if it's ok, if the bowl is empty,

  • Call to them every once in a while,

  • Record their best moments, share with loved ones. 

Be there in their golden years

Those who live apart from elders or relatives in special in-home care. Securezi brings you closer to them, whenever you want through a single click. 

  • Check out on them when you haven't heard for a while,

  • They don't need a phone at hand, you can talk to them both ways via the built-in microphone and speaker on the smart camera hub,

  • You can be notified as an emergency contact in case of an intrusion,

  • The door/window sensor can let you know when they enter or exit.