The easiest security system to get-set-use 


Securezi adapts to all kinds of changes with its portability and compatible system.

It doesn't require mounting, setting up or removing costs. 



Get it online


No needs for phone calls, sales representatives or weeks long procedures. Select the system suiting your home or office on our website and pay online. We will bring your Securezi package the same day to your preferred location. 

Activate in minutes


You are the technical person here and all you need is our simple directions on Securezi App. Plug the devices, activate in minutes and you are ready to use. In need of help, our activation manuel or Securezi Support Line is ready at your service. 



Start using it


Your security system is ready! Arm and disarm on Securezi App, connect to your home and check out what is going on, record video and images, talk both ways. Even monitor your home's climate with temperature and humidity sensors.