High tech, more features, ease of use 

For renters, small office owners, travelers, big families, pet owners, lonely households and smart users. 


watch live

Your phone is the entry way to home. Connect on Securezi App and watch live any time with quality stream. Leave nothing behind.

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get notification, get into action

Receive notifications & live footage in case of an intrusion. Siren sounds automatically & you reach emergency contacts with a button.


carry to everywhere

Securezi mobilizes the security concept. Use it at home today, at the office tomorrow. Also add other users under children.


no false alarms

Securezi resolves false alarms with video notifications it sends on your phone. You only get notified in case of real alarm situation.

You know what's going on.


wireless system, fast activation

No permanent harms or hassles caused by drilling, wiring or mounting. Unbox Securezi devices, activate in minutes and start using right away. 


no middlemen

We don't have sales respresentatives or franchises. 

Get Securezi online now, start

using today and cancel easily. 

It's that simple.


don't miss any moment

Record videos of your dog playing, talk two ways to kids, save the moment of your baby sleeping. Witness every moment, share them later with your loved ones.  

flip to shut

Privacy is our priority. You can flip to shut the microphone and camera of Securezi Hub for your privacy. This way you have peace of mind while at home at all times. 

always awake

Built for the unexpected.

With its built-in battery back up and 4G connection, Securezi is resistant against sabotage and awake in case of power outages.  

You can download the one-pager for technical details and specs.